Good design goes unnoticed, like habits. Flaws draw attention.


I believe I am good at problem finding. Being observant and aware of my surroundings comes naturally. I grew up in a household where we moved cities almost every year. This resulted in me picking up a hobby which I could take with me everywhere as a friend. This turned out to be art and building things with basic materials. 

In high school I detested studying just for memorizing, I would always ask "why?". This keen curiosity led me to combine my two hobbies to create a career path of Industrial design when my art teacher told me about it. 

I am currently in my 4th year of formal industrial design education. Upon graduation, I can see myself working at a design studio which can provide me with the right balance of constraints and freedom to let my creativity flow. 

Even today, I have not stopped asking "why" when I can and I believe my curiosity is a huge asset